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Instructor and Digital Learning Coordinator in Temple University\'s Intellectual Heritage Department. Lead administrator at the Project Learn School.

Ordinary Kids Read As Infrequently As Ordinary Adults: Less Than 5 Books Per Year

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Among parents of children 6-17, almost three-quarters (71%) agree, “I wish my children would do more things that did not involve screen time.” Seeing how as we’re talking about screen …read more Source: Forbes 2

Schools, Teachers, And Inequality: Joel Klein's Memoir Is Complicated

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor When Joel Klein sent me his new book, Lessons of Hope: How to Fix Our Schools, I realized I was finally going to have to learn a bit about the …read more Source: Forbes 2

Children Internalize Parents' Guilt About Screen Time

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor My nine-year-old son’s teacher told me that when they talked about New Year’s resolutions in school he announced that he wanted to play less video games this year. Many parents …read more Source: Forbes 2

Duolingo For Schools May Change The EdTech Market

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Duolingo for schools offers a window into the future of education technology. It shows us how interactive digital technologies can be used to create a more equitable educational landscape, not …read more Source: Forbes 2

Another Bad Year For Higher Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor At the end of each semester, college and graduate students fill out evaluation forms. In theory, these “student feedback forms” provide students with an opportunity to assess their learning experiences. …read more Source: Forbes 2

5 Ways To Be A Better Parent Next Year

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Some days, when I’m tired, overworked, and confronting compounding deadlines, my children feel like just another responsibility, a burden even. I imagine most of parents feel this way sometimes. It’s …read more Source: Forbes 2

Schools Need Redemption, Not Innovation

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Are our school systems really in need of innovation? The reformers say so. This is the story told by the media and at education conferences. The most common narrative argues …read more Source: Forbes 2

Study Shows Video Games' Impact On Face-to-face Teaching

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor In the past, I have covered many studies that look at the efficacy of game based learning. But a recent study from A-GAMES, a collaboration between New York University and …read more Source: Forbes 2

Nintendo's 'Captain Toad' Will Teach Boys To Be Men

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor In Nintendo’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, the male and female protagonists–Toad and Toadette–take turns rescuing one another. That’s a big deal. The old damsel in distress myth is not just …read more Source: Forbes 2

7 Intelligent Gifts For Tech Savvy Children

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoThe culture of gift giving troubles me–all that buying and spending in a country where the majority of us already carry too much debt. Still, every year relatives ask me …read more Source: Forbes 2



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