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Instructor and Digital Learning Coordinator in Temple University\'s Intellectual Heritage Department. Lead administrator at the Project Learn School.

Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Is coding really a new essential literacy? These days it seems to be trendy to suggest so. There are so many products and games and websites that claim to be …read more Source: Forbes 2

Microsoft Wants More 'Minecraft' In Education For All The Right Reasons

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoEver since Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 Billion, fans of the game have wondered what the world’s most popular video game would become in the hands of the world’s largest …read more Source: Forbes 2

Education Technology Makes The Most Impact In The Least Recognized Places

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor People often ask me for specific examples of how technology is impacting global education. I suspect they are looking for super glossy examples of futuristic classrooms. They hope I’ll describe …read more Source: Forbes 2

5 Rarely Considered Obstacles To 21st Century Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor What are the biggest obstacles to changing education? Some are economic. Others are infrastructural. Few are technological. The most significant challenges are philosophical. We are wedded to particular ways of …read more Source: Forbes 2

'Super Mario Maker' And 'Happy Home Designer' Signal Nintendo's New Thinking

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor My kids have been waiting since last year’s E3 to get their hands on Super Mario Maker. It was crystal clear, even in that early iteration, that this was the …read more Source: Forbes 2

This Is What You Should Be Asking About Stampy's Minecraft Videos

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor StampyLongHead is currently the 32nd most viewed YouTuber of all time. With 3.5 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers, Stampy—along with a handful of other celebrity Minecrafters—is molding the minds …read more Source: Forbes 2

3 Difficult-To-Swallow Truths About The History Of Education And The Future Of Technology

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor One part of the current education reform agenda argues that the internet has made the world bigger. Or, more accurately, the boundaries of our everyday experiences have expanded. Therefore, because …read more Source: Forbes 2

The Best Part Of Nintendo's 'Splatoon' Is Single-Player Adventure Mode

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Nintendo hosted a preview party for Splatoon in a swanky Manhattan loft. Journalists, bloggers, and YouTubers showed up with kids in tow. It was clear what Nintendo wanted to emphasize. …read more Source: Forbes 2

Here's Why Nothing Prepares You For The 21st Century Like A Liberal Arts Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Fareed Zakaria’s book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, argues that it is a broad focus on a range of subjects, rather than on career or vocational skills that will …read more Source: Forbes 2

How To Transform Education With Video Games

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Video games are essentially complex systems that very young children can learn to navigate very quickly. What if we could leverage the skill with which games teach players to play? …read more Source: Forbes 2



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