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Education Is The Key To All Global Development Goals (Q&A With Julia Gillard)

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor UNESCO estimates 124 Million children are currently not in school. That’s a positive improvement—the number was 200 Million just 15 years ago. Still, as Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of …read more Source: Forbes 2

The American Academy Of Pediatrics Just Changed Their Guidelines On Kids And Screen Time

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor For years, the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) has adopted an on/off switch mentality when it comes to children and screen time. They used to recommend that children, ages two …read more Source: Forbes 2

Video Games Can Make Kids Healthier, Happier, And More Successful In School

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Jane McGonigal’s first book, Reality Is Broken (2011), was an international bestseller. In it she celebrated the positive aspects of gaming. The book, along with Jane’s other work, has been …read more Source: Forbes 2

Everything Teachers, Parents (And Players) Need To Know About 'Minecraft'

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor You have probably heard of Minecraft. It is the most popular video game of all time, played by both kids and adults. It is more than just a game. In …read more Source: Forbes 2

Technology In Classrooms Around The World? Still Buggy And Here's Why.

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Earlier this week, the OECD released a new report entitled, “Students, Computers, and Learning: Making the Connection.” They looked at data from PISA 2012 to identify trends and patterns related …read more Source: Forbes 2

'Super Mario Maker' And The Future Of Art

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor These days, we tell every child that any crayon scribble is equivalent to “art making.” So it’s hardly surprising that they grow up without respect for the arts. Kids are …read more Source: Forbes 2

3 Questions Parents Of Gamer-Kids Should Ask Themselves Immediately

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor When my ex-wife and I separated about four years ago, I started playing video games with my kids. I wanted to spend time with them, but I didn’t want to …read more Source: Forbes 2

This App Will Teach Your Kid To Play The Piano

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor These days, developers are trying to create video games to teach just about everything. It seems pretty clear that learning through digital play can be extremely effective. So there’s a …read more Source: Forbes 2

How To Think About Student Data Privacy

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor We are currently in the formative years of an EdTech revolution. A complete digital overhaul of our classrooms is inevitable. New technologies promise to transform education in positive ways. This …read more Source: Forbes 2

Something Is Wrong With 'Minecraft.' This Game Has A Solution

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoIn the past, I’ve speculated on the long term impact of the Minecraft craze. I suspect that the game’s narrative shift—away from a typical hero narrative, toward an emphasis on …read more Source: Forbes 2