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Study Shows Video Games' Impact On Face-to-face Teaching

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor In the past, I have covered many studies that look at the efficacy of game based learning. But a recent study from A-GAMES, a collaboration between New York University and …read more Source: Forbes 2

Nintendo's 'Captain Toad' Will Teach Boys To Be Men

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor In Nintendo’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, the male and female protagonists–Toad and Toadette–take turns rescuing one another. That’s a big deal. The old damsel in distress myth is not just …read more Source: Forbes 2

7 Intelligent Gifts For Tech Savvy Children

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoThe culture of gift giving troubles me–all that buying and spending in a country where the majority of us already carry too much debt. Still, every year relatives ask me …read more Source: Forbes 2

Is Everything Good About 'Minecraft' Gone?

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Minecraft may have jumped the shark. It may be passed its prime. The phenomenon may be dwindling. And it has nothing to do with Microsoft purchasing the game. Nor do …read more Source: Forbes 2

Forget The ESRB Rating, 'Super Smash Bros Wii U' Is An All-Ages Family Game

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor My children were surprised that I let them play Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. It is rated E10+ for “Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Mild Suggestive Themes.” But …read more Source: Forbes 2

3 Reasons Why Kobo's Aura H20 Is The Perfect Luxury E-Reader

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Kobo is the quiet Kindle competitor–the underdog in the eReader market. They released their most recent premium eReader at the beginning of October. I’ve been reading on the Aura H2O …read more Source: Forbes 2

Global Educators Met In Qatar To Make Schools Everywhere More Progressive

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor When I decided to travel halfway around the world to a conference on global education in the Persian Gulf, I didn’t expect to find a message that is aligned so …read more Source: Forbes 2

Here's How Gamer-Teachers Use Video Games In The Classroom

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Games are being used much more widely in schools than they were when I first started writing about them 2 or 3 years ago. As of fall 2013, 74% of …read more Source: Forbes 2

3 Ways To Close The 'Play Gap' Between Rich And Poor Kids

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Children are the adults of the future. When you watch them play out fantasies with action figures, when they chase each other around a swing set, when they collaboratively build …read more Source: Forbes 2

Video Games, Henry Ford, And The Problems Of Modern Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoPresumably, the way the human animal learns stays more or less constant. Still, reformers, policy makers, and curriculum designers fight over what’s best for our schools. That’s because, although the …read more Source: Forbes 2