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Parents Don't Need To Worry About 'Screen Time' Anymore

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor A recent study suggests that “hyper parenting may increase the risk of inactivity in children.” Apparently, parenting styles like the so-called “tiger moms who push for exceptional achievement” and “little-emperor …read more Source: Forbes 2

All Kids Should Make Their Own 'Minecraft' YouTube Videos

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor As schools continue to foolishly reduce students’ exposure to the performing and fine arts, kids are increasingly being cultivated into passive consumers, rather than active creators. They are not only …read more Source: Forbes 2

The 4 Issues In Education That Every Presidential Candidate Should Be Talking About

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor 1. Inequality Educational resources in the United States remain unfairly stratified by socio-economic class. The lopsided distribution of classroom materials, technologies, libraries, counseling, support services and supplies is obvious. But …read more Source: Forbes 2

Access To Learning Content Is Not The Same As Equity In Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor One of the big problems with education has to do with content. It is not a problem with the quality of content, the delivery of information, nor access to knowledge. …read more Source: Forbes 2

This Is What Today's Online Learning Content Tells Us About The Future Of School

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Today’s children are extremely savvy. They’ve grown up in a world where information was always just a button away. Buttons? Soon, they won’t even need buttons. With Windows 10, they’ll …read more Source: Forbes 2

Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor Is coding really a new essential literacy? These days it seems to be trendy to suggest so. There are so many products and games and websites that claim to be …read more Source: Forbes 2

Microsoft Wants More 'Minecraft' In Education For All The Right Reasons

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor VideoEver since Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 Billion, fans of the game have wondered what the world’s most popular video game would become in the hands of the world’s largest …read more Source: Forbes 2

Education Technology Makes The Most Impact In The Least Recognized Places

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor People often ask me for specific examples of how technology is impacting global education. I suspect they are looking for super glossy examples of futuristic classrooms. They hope I’ll describe …read more Source: Forbes 2

5 Rarely Considered Obstacles To 21st Century Education

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor What are the biggest obstacles to changing education? Some are economic. Others are infrastructural. Few are technological. The most significant challenges are philosophical. We are wedded to particular ways of …read more Source: Forbes 2

'Super Mario Maker' And 'Happy Home Designer' Signal Nintendo's New Thinking

By Jordan Shapiro, Contributor My kids have been waiting since last year’s E3 to get their hands on Super Mario Maker. It was crystal clear, even in that early iteration, that this was the …read more Source: Forbes 2